Democratic National Convention

Since 1992, RK Productions (RKP) has delivered the Democratic National Convention – an event where 5,000 delegates gather to nominate their presidential candidate, and as many as 30,000 people a day attend. For this large-scale and complex event, RKP is responsible not only for all production elements including design, staging, lighting, audio, projection, video roll-ins, and more; but RKP also interfaces with all major news networks to insure the best coverage and greatest media impact. At the historic nomination of President Barack Obama in 2008, RKP simultaneously produced the proceedings in the Pepsi Center and Invesco Stadium. This convention now enjoys the title of most-watched national convention in television history.

In 2012, RKP once again successfully prepared for two separate venues: the Time Warner Arena in Charlotte for the first 2 nights and then the Stadium for the final night. Even when the convention was moved to the Arena at the last minute, the RKP team transitioned smoothly and produced a flawless final convention night which included the Presidential and Vice Presidential nomination, as well as performances by Mary J Blige, James Taylor, and the Foo Fighters. Examples of RKP’s convention expertise can be found all over the country and the world, with participants ranging from 500 to 15,000.

DNC 2016

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